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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my custom framing take?

Our typical turn around time for custom orders is 7-10 days. This gives us time to order your materials. We do rush orders and emergency rush orders when possible.

What are your store hours?

We are open Monday - Thursday 10am - 6pm & Friday - Saturday 10am -5 pm. We are closed on Sundays. Give us a call if you would like to make a special appointment.

Do you sell readymade (or pre built) frames?

We build every order to your customized size. We do not stock pre-built frames, which enables us to offer you a greater selection. Come take a look at the thousands of profiles we provide.

What is dry-mounting?

We frequently dry-mount artwork, a process that uses heat and pressure to apply the art to a lightweight backing board. This ensures that your art won’t warp over time. It works well on photos, posters, and any kind of artwork or document that isn’t an original or irreplaceable. We will be happy to help you discern if your art needs this treatment. We strongly recommend other mounting methods for items of value.

Do you make mirrors?

Absolutely! We can help you find a frame and build you a custom mirror (beveled or flat) to work with your space. Just measure your space and we will make sure to cut the frame so that it fits perfectly.

What is a Giclée  Print?

A Giclée (/ʒiːˈkleɪ/ zhee-KLAY) Is a high end reproduction print of an original artwork. These are made with a high quality Ink-jet printer, and made by the artist or with their permission. Sometimes a series of copies are made with a limited number: “limited edition prints” these can be more valuable because of the fact that there’s only a set number made. We make giclées as part of our printing services.

Do you frame or work on extremely large artwork?

We absolutely do. We have experience and the know-how to design and custom frame large or over-sized pieces.

What does “acid free” mean?

The term “acid free” designates mats that are of a conservation quality. Mats and paper which are not designated as “acid free” contain acids which continue to build up over time causing discoloration. The acid also migrates to your art causing it to yellow and discolor. We have a huge selection of acid free mats including fabric, suede, silk and cotton blended paper- all of which are safe for your art.

Do you offer plastic display cases (plexi boxes)?

Yes. We can take your art, or memorabilia and frame it in a customized acrylic display case and create a base (or base frame) for you with custom color options using fabrics.

Can you fix or restore my artwork?

We offer a digital restoration of old photographs, documents, and 2-D artwork. Often digital restoration can improve the appearance of damaged photos by addressing creases, spotting, color shifting, fading, and minor tears. The product of digital restoration is in fact a new copy of the original.

As for the restoration of paintings, textiles, and other valuable or historical works, we encourage you to find a well versed and knowledgeable A.I.C. affiliated conservator . We have a local contact for paper restorations in Tulsa.

 How much will my framing cost?

Your custom framing job is one-of-a-kind and as such, there is no pre-established price. Custom framing has many variables each with its own range of price possibilities. The price usually includes the cost of frame, fillets, glazing (glass), mats, backing, mounting, and assembly. These components describe a majority of custom framing orders, but not all. Some jobs may require products and services not included in this list. To truly estimate the cost of your job, bring your art in and let us help you with some designs first.

Do you appraise artwork?

Due to the vast nature of the art world, we don’t offer appraisals. We would recommend you use the services of a professional art appraiser.

What is Museum Glass?

Museum glass is our highest quality glazing option. Its superior UV light protection and anti-reflection coating makes the industry’s premium glazing choice. Its nearly invisible appearance allows the truest colors of your art to shine through. Seeing is believing! Come in and see the difference.

Does Grant’s Frames offer frame repair services?

Our expert staff is knowledgeable in repair work. However each repair job is unique, and there are many factors to consider-including the materials, finishes, and method of original assembly. Our expert framers will need to visually inspect it’s condition to determine if a repair is possible. As such we treat repairs on a case-by-case basis. In some cases a repair can take as much time, and effort-if not more- than would be required to create a new frame.

Do you hang and install art professionally? Can you help me hang my artwork?

Grant-our owner- likes to help out clients that frame larger pieces or mirrors with us. In some cases we do deliver and hang large items. Please ask Grant at the time of your order. We offer this service to designs and creations made by our store. We do not offer “general” hanging services, but can recommend someone.