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♦ Premium Clear ♦ Reflection Coated ♦ Conservation Clear ♦ Museum ♦ Acrylic ♦ Mirror ♦


Glazing protects your piece from the elements while allowing the full character of the work to shine through. We have clear visual examples of each of our products, and can provide you with information on how to protect your artwork.

Each type of glass or acrylic has unique visual and protective properties. Choosing glazing without protection from Ultraviolet (UV) light can make any picture, painting, photograph or document lose its luster over time. Investing in good, high-quality glazing today can ensure that your piece lasts a lifetime.

Specially designed to offer the highest level of Ultra Violet (UV) protection for your artwork, we proudly offer Museum quality glazing. It’s crystal clear anti-reflective coating makes it almost invisible! This type of glazing is used in museums all over the world to prevent valuable pieces from fading away.

We can build custom sized mirrors to fit your space perfectly (beveled or flat). Simply provide us the size you need to fill and we can work out the dimensions with a frame. Contact us for onsite measuring and installation.